Agatha et les Lectures Illimitées Marguerite Duras

National Premiere

Special Screenings

Drama – FR, 1981, 90' – V.O.: French – Subtitles: Portuguese, English


Two siblings are saying goodbye for the last time, and they reminisce about the summers spent at their beach house, which saw the beginning of the incestuous love that now separates them. Agatha et les Lectures Illimitées presumes the final materialization of the limit-experience that Duras reached in her fusion of literature and cinema. There is a new fusion between these two disciplines in this film, borne of the need to speak out the literary text. While the film was being shot in Trouville, Éditions de Minuit published its literary version, Agatha. At the same time, her son Jean Mascolo and Jérôme Beaujour shot the documentary Duras Filme.

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