Aniara Pella Kågerman, Hugo Lilja

National premiere

With the presence of the directors

International Competition

Sci-Fi, Drama – SE/DK, 2018, 106' – V.O.: Swedish – Subtitles: Portuguese, English


Aniara is the name of a spaceship, a kind of luxury cruiser transporting Earth’s survivors to their new home planet. But an accident leaves them wandering in space. Aniara is the first film adaptation of the epic science fiction poem of the same name, written by the Nobel Prize of Literature laureate Harry Martinson. This poem was a post-apocalyptic prediction of humanity’s future. It is made up of 103 cantos and was written in 1956, in the wake of Hiroshima and amidst the Cold War. Inspired by the poem’s premise, Pella Kågerman and Hugo Lilja have taken on its disquietude and critical vision to alert us to the current climate change.