Border Ali Abbasi

Guest Country — Sweden

Drama, Fantasy, Romance – DK/SE, 2018, 110' – V.O.: Swedish – Subtitles: Portuguese, English

BORDER - CARTAZ_alta.jpg

The story of the birth of a superhero: a woman who, in her childhood, was hit by a ray that gives her superhuman capacities. Tina, the protagonist, has a severely disfigured face and the power to literally sniff out feelings such as fear, guilt, shame and anger, but also objects. This gift makes her an asset in her job as customs worker, until she finds herself facing a passenger who seems impervious to her powers. A thriller rooted in magic realism, based on the novel by John Ajvide Lindquist, who also worked on the script with Isabella Eklöf and the director. 

BORDER_by_Ali_Abassi_Still5_Photo_by_ Christian_Geisnæs_©Meta_Spark&Kärnfilm_AB_2018.jpg