Duras Film Jean Mascolo, Jérôme Beaujour

National Premiere

Special Screenings

Documentary – FR, 1981, 49' – V.O.: French – Subtitles: Portuguese, English


As Marguerite Duras was filming Agatha et les Lectures Illimitées, her son Jean Mascolo and Jérôme Beaujour shot the documentary Duras Filme. The interviews included in the documentary, meanwhile, became literary source material for Duras’ own writing. Duras used much of the transcripts for her project Le livre dit (published in 2014). Jean Mascolo and Jérôme Beaujour describe their documentary: ‘This film was made during February of 1981 in Normandy, at Trouville, during the shooting of Agatha. It is not a portrait, nor a report. What we propose is to present Marguerite Duras in action. It is therefore a documentary about the day-to-day of shooting a film, but also tackles the major themes that run through her work. With this film, we wanted to give access to the Durasian universe, giving free flight to the word that illuminates’.