Little Crusader Václav Kadrnka

With the presence of the director

Premiered at Tavira's Cineclube in 2018

International Competition

Drama – CZ/SK/IT, 2017, 115' – V.O.: Checo – Subtitles: Portuguese, English

Little Crusader - poster.jpg

Little Crusader is inspired by an epic poem by Czech poet Jaroslav Vrchlický, in which a child, wearing a little crusader armour, leaves home in search of the Holy Land. His father notes his absence and goes looking for him, thus starting a journey in which dreams merge with reality. Little Crusader is a film about the fear of missing or losing a loved one. An inner voyage that ends up spilling over into the outside. For Václav Kadrnka, the crusade in Little Crusader should be seen in symbolic terms, as the search for a pure and beautiful ideal. Handling the medieval era in a minimalist manner, the film is made up of authentic paintings: austere paintings that have been whitened by the Sun. The film’s architecture and its landscapes, previously designed by the painter Daniel Pitin, embody the inner journey of this father searching for his son.

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