The Seventh Seal Ingmar Bergman

Guest Country — Sweden

Drama, Fantasy – SE, 1957, 96' – V.O.: Swedish, Latin – Subtitles: Portuguese, English


With the backdrop of medieval Europe during the times of the black plague, this film tells the story of the journey undertaken by a crusader and of his chess game with Death. Bergman wrote the script based on his own play Wood Painting. The Seventh Seal, with its dialogue and aesthetics of great beauty, raises questions about the mystery of life and death. There are clearly existential anxieties in all of Bergman’s work, a sense of disquietude towards the meaning of life and the void. The profound influence of Kierkegaard’s work on Bergman is palpable. The director says that the film had its origin while he was ‘looking at medieval paintings’, but it is free of medieval historicism. For Bergman, Det Sjunde Inseglet ‘is an endeavour of modern poetry translating the life experiences of a modern man…’