Our Madness João Viana

With the presence of the director

International Competition

Drama – PT/FR/MZ, 2018, 88' – V.O.: Xitswa, Swahili – Subtitles: Portuguese, English

Our Madness - poster.jpg

A film about a mother’s pain, about injustice, war, racism, madness. The incredible verses by João Maria-Villanova and José Craveirinha lend poetry to the story of Lucy’s universe. Lucy is in a psychiatric hospital in Mozambique. She dreams of her son Zacaria, and of her husband Pak, a soldier in a war zone in the Northern part of the country. Lucy plays a curious musical instrument: her own bed. One day her song plays on Radio Mozambique and Paulina Marrime, an evangelical pastor, comes to the hospital to get to know the tune’s author. But Lucy sees the pastor’s visit as a great opportunity to escape, bed and all.