In Praise of Nothing Boris Mitic

National Premiere

With the presence of the director

International Competition

Documentary – RS/FR/HR, 2017, 78' – V.O.: English – Subtitles: Portuguese, English

In Praise of Nothing - poster.jpg

A satirical documentary, a parable about Nothing. Tired of being misunderstood, Nothing runs away from home and comes to talk to us directly, for the first and last time. Eight years of research, images from 70 countries made by 62 directors from all over the world and over 20.000 pages of bibliography. Boris offers us 78 minutes of film with Iggy Pop’s voice in 436 verses. Featuring a beautiful soundtrack by Pascal Comelade and by The Tiger Lillies. Boris Mitić: ‘I wanted to make a cinematic equivalent of the best satirical book ever, Erasmus’ 1513 humanistic classic In Praise of Folly, in which Folly goes around the world arguing that is smarter to be mad than to be smart. 500 years later, it is Nothing who gets the main role.’

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