Songs From the Second Floor Roy Andersson

Guest Country — Sweden

Comedy, Drama – SE/DK/NO, 2000, 98' – V.O.: Swedish, Russian – Subtitles: Portuguese, English


The great world literature is certainly present in Andersson’s trilogy. You, The Living was inspired by Goethe’s Roman Elegies. A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence is, in a certain way, an homage to the great novelist Miguel de Cervantes. Songs from The Second Floor presents us a world in which, between various illogical episodes, Karl becomes ever more conscious of the absurdity of the world. Inspired by the poem Traspié entre dos estrellas by César Vallejo, Roy Andersson admits that “for Vallejo as well, human beings are unhappy, but he tells us to love them, because they are vulnerable. Like him, I work to describe man: sometimes, he is bald and doesn’t wear a hat; at others, he gets a finger stuck in a door or forgets his childhood. [...] like Vallejo, I love man with sorrow”.