Srbenka Nebojša Slijepčević

International Competition

Documentary – HR, 2018, 70' – V.O.: Croata – Subtitles: Portuguese, English


Srbenka is a film about the violence that broke out in Croatia, against people of Serbian origin, during the Serbo-Croatian conflict of the 90’s. It looks at how the generation born after the war deals with its history. In 1991 a Serbian twelve-year-old girl was killed in Zagreb, leading theatre director Oliver Frljič to tell her story in one of his plays, filmed by Nebojša, thus adding a new dimension to the catharsis felt by the actors. Cinema is here fulfilling a literary role, bringing forth documents and imagination, fixing unto eternity a story and how to reflect on and deal with it. Srbenka is a story that cannot be limited to theatre or cinema, appealing to a shared literary base.