The Wild Boys Bertrand Mandico

International Competition

Adventure, Drama, Fantasy – FR, 2017, 110' – V.O.: French, English – Subtitles: Portuguese, English

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In early 1900, five teenagers kill their literature teacher. Their rich families decide to send them on a trip with a captain who does not shy away from using all means necessary to set the youths straight. They end up on a strange island with exuberant and supernatural vegetation, where anything might happen. The film builds a universe undoubtedly inspired by books such as Lord Jim, Nostromo and The Shadow Line by Conrad, The Island of Doctor Moreau by H.G. Wells, The Mysterious Island and Dick Sand, A Captain at Fifteen by Jules Verne, as well as Stevenson’s In the South Seas and Salgari’s adventures. Not to mention Burroughs. The Wild Boys, with its experimental cinema aesthetic, poses questions about where inequality ends and gender equality begins. It’s a magnificent example of avant-garde cinema.