António Poppe + Shaolines del Amor 

Free Concert


António Poppe

António Poppe has been developing a unique body of work in poetry and the visual arts, through a practice closely connected to meditation and to the spiritual practices of eastern philosophies. 

Shaolines Del Amor ( Tomás Tello & Raúl Gómez )

Shaolines del Amor was formed at the beginning of 2007 as an improvisation project. Using instruments from all eras and also self made instruments, Shaolines del Amor attempt to do timeless music that can be heard by anyone. Sound design, latin percussion and back ‐to‐ ‐the root melodies are the ingredients they use to achieve this. From 2007 to date Shaolines del Amor have played with various artists such as: Tetuzi Akiyama, Animal Collective, Montaña Extendida, Nautical Almanac, Elder Olave, Acid Mother Temple, Exoterrism, Arvind Ganga and many others.