Writing and Imagination Gonçalo M. Tavares

Gonçalo M. Tavares – from the books Breves notas sobre Literatura - Bloom and O Senhor Valéry

Talks & Masterclasses & Workshops

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There will be practical exercises to apply some concepts concerning language and imagination.

- The concept of mistake. Mistakes and creativity. / Exercises about objectivity and subjectivity. /

Rationality - irrationality. / Exercises about chance. / Language as a basis for art. / The abstract and the concrete. / Language and creative thought. / Private language. What are notions of language – Wittgenstein. / Word games. Exercises. / Art and observation. / To notice – the act of noticing and art. The speed at which we observe. / Point of view (exercises from different points of view). / Writing and identity (how our own biography influences our writing and how it manifests within it).

Limited number of places - 25

(3-4 hours / 70 euros)