Máquina de Guerra super8 Miguel Dinis de Oliveira



‘This performance is taken from a long take of the archive A Pintura Suicida’. The premise of said archive is as follows: ‘In 1969, on the day that man landed on the moon, the painter D’Assumpção committed suicide and, nine months after that long televised night, I was born’. This ‘film’ was first shown at the 2nd Pataphysical Seminar (Rivoli Theatre, Porto, 2005). The performance consists of a pedagogical introduction, followed by the film: 

An S8 projector ‘machine guns’ light – and indeed, ‘the process of capturing and projecting moving images is analogous to how a machine gun works” – while I show and read out the dedications on the back of the photos that my father sent to my mother when he was in Guinea (around 1967/1968). The noise sound comes from a military manoeuvre captured by an amateur recording. The dedications are simple, written on a corner of the back of the photographs: ‘To my beloved’, ‘I love you so much’, ‘With all my love’, etc.