Cadavre Exquis Expanded

Os caminhos que se bifurcam
Interactive film installation



The interactive film installation Cadavre Exquis Expanded interacts with the viewer through body movements. Inspired by its homonymous surrealist game, Cadavre Exquis seeks the subversion of filmic discourse in a disruptive way, by fragmenting the unity of time and space. Three characters are sitting in the same room, motionless, crystallized in time. Each choice triggers a flashback, which will unfold up to the moment of crystallization. By choosing the last character, the viewer will unfreeze the opening scene. Three screenwriters were invited to take part in this project. Each was assigned a character, as well as unrestrictive freedom to create his/her character’s flashbacks. The name of this project is a reference to the Jorge Luis Borges tale The Garden of Forking Paths, which addresses issues related to the possibility of multiple choices and, especially, of multiple experiences, such as the ones in the interactive films we have produced.